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The Blu Room technology has demonstrated consistent health benefits for tens of thousands of people. The Personal Stories and Provider Case Studies presented on this web site offer a spectrum of viewpoints to help explain how the Blu Room can account for those health benefits.


The resources cited in Physician Case Studies section will help alleviate doubt in the minds of people who are unfamiliar with the technology and it will reinforce hope in those people who have not found complete relief in other medical technologies.


The Blu Room augments and integrates with any conventional treatment plan. It provides a synergistic influence that helps provide balance by bringing the user to a point of stasis. A person suffering from acute or chronic health conditions need not give up the other programs that may be helping their condition. The Blu Room will compliment any other program.


The Blu Room is becoming more popular because it works. Its effects are not just skin deep. It works down to the cellular level. We have strong evidence of this in how the Blu Room has helped people with cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, PTSD, neurological disorders, and more.

“What I find the most effective is how the Blu Room stimulates the mind to change an attitude – how you look at yourself. Self-love is something we don’t talk about enough in medicine. In the last hundred years, medicine has become so specialized with the body that we forget mind and spirit. The Blu Room technology supports all three. It helps the patient move forward from their past. For example, a soldier who has had trauma on the battlefield is finally able to move forward and find place of equilibrium or stasis.


Blu Room technology help a person begin to feel better, sleep better, and have renewed hope that he or she can get physically better. We know how powerfully the mind influences the body. We know that healing always begins in the mind. The Blu Room provides a beautiful sense of wellbeing. When you feel better, you think better. When you think better, you begin to feel even better. Our Blu Room patients reach a place where they are able to see themselves well. As a doctor, that is something I hope every patient understands.

We have really only scratched the surface of what the Blu Room can do. The future of health technology is very exciting.”

Matthew Martinez, DC

Co-developer and Medical Director

Blu Room Enterprises LLC